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Birthday Song

I just got word today that the money’s gonna be OK
and the weather oughta hold out through the weekend
Fall is settling in, the days are getting short again
and the morning’s getting real nice for sleeping

Every time it gets colder I get another year older
I start looking for lines in the bathroom mirror
but when I lay down at night I swear I must have done something right
cause I’m still so damn glad to be here

I’ve been trying to love the questions, and keep on guessing
some days the answers just get farther
Everybody gets stuck in the middle some times everybody’s gonna hurt a little
we don’t got to go and make things harder
I know you worry, Baby,
but what’s your hurry?
we’re all gonna get there in the end
and if love is the seed, the fruit is gonna taste so sweet
and you’re gonna make this world a friend



The Long Ride

I had a dream you drove a cadillac
I sat beside you with my feet up on the dash
the stars were shining we were high as hell
we were dying but you couldn’t tell
if you only would have dreamed the same dream too
maybe then you wouldn’t worry what we’re coming to

So come on Baby roll the windows down
think about all of the good friends you have found
when you’re gone they’re gonna drink to you
raise their voices up and sing for you
you say your life has been a study of goodbye
Oh but Honey can’t you feel your hand in mine?

You’re afraid of the pavement ending before sunrise
but it was only ever light bending behind your eyes
it was only a dream you had to beleve
so you could keep between the lines
this is goodnight not goodbye
we’re in it for the long ride

So when we meet up in the sky so blue
will you remember I was good to you?
will you remember all the times I let you down
can you admit it doesn’t really matter now?
if life is just a study of goodbye
tell me Darling what we’re doing here tonight



What We’ve Got

I see an old white wicker chair on a front porch
it’s raining all around the sky is grey
the paint is peeling
and I can hear an old dog dreaming
his ragged breath is keeping me awake
and there’s a sign inside the record store window
it says quit looking, love is blind
it makes me smile
cause I know
that what we’ve got is what everybody’s trying so hard to find

it makes me want you
it makes me want to
call you up and say I’m coming home tonight
cause all the time I thought that I was wasting
I was just learning how to look into your eyes
and say I want you
I want to call you mine

I think about the days when I was younger
such a selfish little thing, so full of pride
and oh, how I needed them to love me
it made me ugly and unkind
now there’s an old man sitting by the window
he’s got an angel on his mind
and I smile
cause I know that what we’ve got is gonna take us there in time



Diamond in the Rough

See the way he smiles
I bet he’s never been alone
I bet he’s got the sweetest little thing waiting for him at home
I don’t care what people say
nobody escapes
if you have a heart, now and then you’re gonna have a little heartache
a little heartbreak

Cause everybody wants to be something to write home about
a little more than what you see
a diamond in the rough
Everybody wants to be somebody somebody could love

That woman in the check out line
ruining everybody’s day
you know nobody’s born that angry
how you think she got to be that way?
When a stranger meets your eye, be the one that smiles first
nobody ever died from a little kindness no matter what you’ve heard
no matter what you’ve heard


when it comes to promises
I may write some I can’t cash
but it’s only cause I want you to be happy Baby
tell me what’s so wrong with that?




24 acres of Indiana farmland, airstream trailer
living in the heartland
a little ways west of where the day is born
I put 200,00 miles on this Japanese car
mechanic says it’s dying now don’t take it very far
but I love to go out driving
watch the sun melt on the corn
we’re living in the heartland, somewhere between the mountains and the shore

at school the kids are learning about Christopher Columbus
the names of all his ships, how to use a compass
and I wish that it could stop there
I wish there was a way to keep ‘um young
‘Cause when I think about him now, he must have been all shaky handed
delusions of grandeur and lines in the sand
and a look in his eye of a man who has been at sea too long
trying to find his legs and afraid to admit he might be wrong

It’s what I don’t know that makes this living easy
the more I learn the more it brings me to my knees and I say
let me back inside the garden
I won’t eat anything that’s fallen from that goddamn tree

24 acres of Indiana farmland, used to be 100
but grandpa lost a card game
we moved back here from Boston cause I lost my job and this is where I’m from
and the kids seem pretty happy, they don’t miss their dad too much
I can’t answer all their questions but they never lack for love
that’s what I tell my mother when she calls
“now don’t you worry about us”
we’re living in the heartland and we’re learning how to let that be enough


We don’t keep a TV cause the news is always bad
and it teaches us to want all the things we’ll never have
and there’s always someone getting hurt cause someone else was feeling
too let down
one of these nights I’m gonna go out to the crossroads
see who’s buying
and I’ll tell him just to go on home
I’ll look him in the eye and say “you don’t scare me now”
since the bottle took my baby and the banker took my house
we’re living in the heartland surely somewhere here is where the heart is found



The Guitar Case

Another night in a strange and dim lit place
another sticker for the guitar case
another room looking over the interstate
another hotel mirror, same old face
and what’s it matter if the show don’t sell?
the money’s tight but you might get a story to tell
you hear your own voice saying clear as a bell
you can do it for love or you can go to hell

but can you see that dim light shining?
you better keep on driving
it’s been a real long night, you don’t wanna know where I’ve been
but now the sun is climbing
over an empty highway
and it might be a beautiful day

You’ve got a brand new dress and dirty old boots
if you’re trying to impress you’ve got some work to do
you look good on paper, TV too
but the real thing ain’t such a joke to fool
you’d sell your soul just to make a good thing last
don’t you know it’s only gonna bite you in the ass
and you’re gonna regret it, you’re used to that
but your heart don’t get it, she’s stuck in the past



Learning How To Love Him

I spent 42 years learning how to love him
buttons on his shirt and supper in the oven and 1,000 reasons
have come and gone
We raised our children, we raised our voices
we made mistakes, made our choices
we’ve both been right and we’ve both been wrong

after all these years, I’m still quick to draw

There were plenty of times I thought about leaving
when the kids were grown and I could breath
and it seemed to me there was so much life I’d missed
It wasn’t always good, but it wasn’t always bad
and we made a lot from the little we had
when I think about it now I wish I hadn’t held back so much of what I had to give

but after all these years, this is what love is

Now I’m running out of time to say I’m sorry
for anything I ever did to hurt you darling,
heaven help our jealous hearts
they may not always have been kind
but here they are

Now we talk a little softer and the house is quiet
we lay a little longer in the morning light
we’ve been holding hands and kissing on the lips again
Just last week we stayed out til dawn
slow dancing to the fast songs
it felt so good laughing like old friends

after all these years I couldn’t tell you where that went

‘Cause time is a gift that we all take for granted
til it’s running low and we understand
it’s not about your money or your best laid plans or your lists
I woke last night and I felt so afraid
I turned on the light, I shook him awake and we stared at the ceiling
listening to the sink drip

and after all these years this is what love is

now I’m sitting by his bed in a little white room
and I know that time is coming soon
I’m choking on silence for all I’ve got to say
I spent 42 years learning how to love him and I never loved him more than I do today
I spent my whole life learning how to love him and I never loved him more than I do today


Brand New Start

I say I’m sorry, and you don’t believe me
I’m angry, you are too
you still think I’m trying to prove something by hurting you
I say I’m sorry, well the truth is I’m not so take a shot
no one can say I didn’t give it all I’ve got

I say I’m lonely, need you to hold me
but I’m just looking for
the same thing I’ve been looking for for years
I think I’m finally sure that I won’t find it here

so can we leave the lats five years out of it
can we open up our hearts
can we maybe slow the picture down a bit
I think I need a brand new start

I leave the wreath up on the door it
makes it feel a little more like there’s a family here
hell I might leave it up all year
come on Honey dry those tears
take a good look in the mirror and see what you’ve been hiding from
I swear the hard part’s almost done



Late Summer’s Child

She wears lonely like a gown
all dressed up for a night on the town
she likes to show it around
and she likes a chill in the evening
it makes her feel a little wild
Late summer’s child
Ooo late summer’s child
Just like an early morning airport
she’ll make you feel a little blue
but just the way you like to
she knows there’s nothing quite like leaving
when the wind hits your face and you’re finally breathing
and your heart gets quiet
ooo late summer’s child

Let there be no mistake
it’s love she means to make
but she can’t help a little heart break
when the sky starts growing cold
with the early threat of snow
it feels like dying but you know
it’s time to let her go


The Good Guys

There’s a skeleton in every closet
and everybody’s in some other man’s pocket
do you ever start to think you’ve got it wrong?
Do you remember why you’re here tonight?
it’s all for sale if the price is right
and you’ve been losing at this same fight for so long

So Tracy take the bribe
’cause there ain’t no more good guys
and you could be on a plane tonight
leave this wasted city far behind
yeah I’m talking peace of mind
and you could buy that girl a ring
and all the pretty things that she deserves
when you gonna learn
this is how it works

She used to cook you supper
listen to your stories about cops and robbers
she used to love the way the badge could catch the light
but you caught a couple bad breaks
started coming home from work late
and she started getting headaches every night

so Tracy take the bribe
cause there ain’t no more good guys
you could be on that plane tonight
leave this sinner’s city far behind
she could be by your side
you know she’d try to understand
a man has got to be a man any way he can
any way he can


Rare Thing

Looking at the stars tonight
I know the cards don’t lie
you and me, baby that’s all there ever was
now and then you’ve got to flip a coin
but life’s too short not to get to the point
and that’s you’re the only one I dream about
I can’t live without your love

Oh Honey, you’re a rare thing
since the day I started caring I’ve been hooked
you wrote the book on making me smile
Your mama said that it would never last
but these years go by so fast
and you’re the song I’m humming to myself as I’m counting the miles
mm you’re such a rare thing

So I will keep these memories like so many melodies
you think I’m crazy but I don’t wanna miss a note
it’s like a car you gotta drive real fast or a chance you gotta take before the moment’s past
I gotta love you and I hope by now you know

Oh Honey, you’re a rare thing
since the day I started caring you’ve been giving me gold
they broke the mold when they built you Babe
Our friends said it would never last
but these years go by so fast
and you’re the song I’m singing to myself at the end of the day
yeah you’re such a rare thing

So dry your eyes
they’re all waiting outside
raising their glasses to us
all because

Oh Honey you’re a rare thing
since the day I started caring I’ve been hooked
you keep writing the book I hope you don’t ever stop
I know they said that it would never last
but these years go by so fast
and you’re the song that I wanna hear echoing in the parking garage
you’re such a rare thing!


The Things We Call Home

I followed you down to your old home town
saw the tears in your eyes as you stood and looked around
you said, everything’s different
but it was all the same
I guess there’s nothing like distance to show us how we’ve changed

A drug store, a mail box, a sign on the road
ain’t it funny the things that we call home?

I get tired of driving, my eyes start to close
there’s a diner ahead with lights in the window
I pull up to the counter
order a cup of coffee black
there’s an old man beside me
he makes the waitress laugh

a truck stop, a juke box, the lines on the road
ain’t it funny the things that we call home?

All of the hours I’ve spent away from you
thinking that that’s just what I’m built to do
a good night, your blue eyes saying “Baby don’t go”
it’s funny the things that we call home
oh it’s crazy the things that we call home


The Road

I’m not angry please don’t say you’re sorry any more
look at you, you’re beautiful, there’s nothing to be sorry for
think of all the trouble that’s been living at the door
there’s no shame in being tired of this war

there have been much worse mistakes than those the likes of us have made
I for one am tired of being guilty
now it seems the kindest thing to do is cut loose and let go of you
and learn to love the crooked hands that built me

if time and distance make us strangers
change our hearts and rearrange us
I’ll look forward to the day my new eyes look upon your face
and recognize the smile of an friend
I hope the road is good to you til then

don’t look back and don’t you cry
lets not waste breath on our goodbyes
we took ’em with us every place we’ve been
all our lives we’ve lived inside this slow moving storm
you’d better go before the rain picks up again



On The Ropes

I’ve been making something out of nothing for a long time now
you might say I’m bluffing but I’m gonna make it work somehow
if you think they’ve got me on the ropes
don’t you blink,
Honey here I go

I’ve been hoping lately that I’m dreaming and I’ll wake up soon
and looking all around me just for one thing I can call the truth
but if you see me heading for the door
just count to three
I’m coming back for more

it’s not time
I’m not tired
I’ve got everything I need to get me through the night
Let it burn, let it bleed
you don’t need to try so hard to make me feel alright
go on leave, go on home
it’s not your fight

I’ve made my mistakes you know I’ve paid a lot to feel this bad
it’s a thousand dollar hangover it ain’t even the worst I’ve had
but if you think I’m sitting out this dance
pour me one more drink, I’ve still got a ghost of a chance

might not be right but I’m sure
I might be a fool but I ain’t a kid no more
and I’ve lost it all before
I’m no stranger to the barroom floor
when I’m down for the count there’s a voice I can’t ignore


Blue Besides

Hey Little Angel
you say you don’t wanna fly
you wanna live and die with the rest of us
well there’s gonna be some changes
you’re gonna curse, you’re gonna lie
gonna sweat you’re gonna cry with the best of us
and you’ll forget the things you know
but it ain’t giving up, it’s letting go

There’s gonna be some empty
that’s a feeling way down deep inside that let’s us know that we’re alive and hungry
you’ll start saving up your pennies
til you find out all that they can buy will save you for a little while and fade
to nothing

but you’re not taking any chances
you’re looking for that easy answer
heck no, you didn’t get it right, but you can try again tonight
love ain’t ever black and white
it’s pink and gray and blue besides
pink and grey and blue besides
You’ve had more than you can handle
and it flickers like a candle right behind your eyes

That golden harp you’re playing
it was your ticket out of town
now you’re gonna lay it down there in the dust
You think you know what you’re saying
but do you really want to try
hang up that halo and get by with the rest of us?
Let those wings go to rust



Golden Child

Not hard to talk to, is she?
Yeah, she makes it easy
she looks like what you wanna hear
I used to need that from you
to make me feel like something special
standing back stage with a guitar and a beer

Now I don’t mind
if it takes a little time
when it comes to waiting I’ve been practicing for years

I’ve been a stranger here before
I’ve been a soldier, I’ve been the war
I’ve done my time on the wrong side of the door
I’ve been peaceful, I’ve been wild
I’ve been a golden child
I’ve been a lonely country mile
and an am gospel choir crackling through the wires
don’t you touch that dial

Summer’s been a long time coming
feels like I’m losing something
I guess I’m gonna let it slide
I’m not hanging up my spurs
I’m just telling you I’ve learned
the price of winning ain’t worth all the lonely it buys

So I don’t mind
if it takes a little time
when it comes to heartache I have learned to let it ride



The Handbook

Sure, I like flowers, I like chocolate
I like a man with real deep pockets
I like to be wined and dined and danced
and there’s always something to be said for holding doors and holding hands
and all the things that movies call romance
but do you know what I’d really like?
Is if you would just come here tonight
you don’t have to call first, you know that I’m at home
don’t give me time to think about it
change my mind or start to doubt it
and wonder if it’s right, there’s only one way we could know

Babe, you give me too much credit
if there’s a handbook I ain’t read it
all I know’s when we’re together my heart starts singing,
I’m gonna let’er
You don’t have to ask to kiss me
I like it when you taste like whiskey
makes me feel like I was fifteen
makes me wonder, couldn’t this be love?

I know your mama raised you right
to be respectful and polite
to wait your turn and take it on the chin
but my mama didn’t raise no fool
and there’s a time to play it cool
but when your ship is leaving, you’d better learn to swim



The Only Eyes

If there were a better way
to learn what I’ve learned
so nobody had to pay and no one got hurt
if there were an easier road
that wasn’t so crooked
Honey, I hope you know
I would have took it

but these are the only eyes that I have for looking at you
and they’ve seen some lonely nights with liars and lovers and fools
but I kept them open, just hoping for someone to make them less blue
and these are the eyes that followed the telephone wires
to come home to you

Now I want you to love me
but I wanna say when
and I wanna say how much
I wanna know how it ends
Cause I’ve grown so tired of watching the door
and all of these lines they serve to remind
I’ve been here before

Now these are the only eyes that I have for looking at you
and they may be lonely tonight but they’re catching the light and they’re telling the truth
and I kept them open just hoping for someone to make them less blue
these are the eyes that followed the telephone wires
to come home to you


Back Row

I was sitting in the church
you were yelling in the street
blood on your shirt and gravel in your knees
and I was alone
and you were afraid
you thought they couldn’t give you what need

I told you once that the truth is a song
maybe I’m wrong, maybe I just want to write it
but I’ve been so close I could smell her breath
like cinnamon and death, made me wonder what I’m fighting

Cause I’ve seen you in the back row, yeah I’ve seen you in the back row
I’ve seen you with your eyes closed at the all night show when you think that can’t go home
and I know you don’t believe me
it’s not too late to wash your hands clean
I’ve seen you in your shirt sleeves with a beer on your knee
when the can sweats a circle on your jeans

There was a time I knew every face
now the whole damn town is painted black and grey
that don’t have to mean it was a fall from grace
but there are choices, choice must be made

Cause I’ve seen you in the back row, yeah I’ve seen you in the back row
I’ve seen you breathing real slow when you just hope only God knows where you’ve been
and I’ve seen you on the highway
thinking all the things you’d never say
and praying to the debt you can’t pay
give me one more day, give me one more day


Useless Memories

Holding onto broken dishes, birthday candles and their wishes
gathering dust on the window sill
Flowers dying on the front porch
faded as the dress you once wore
hanging in the closet still

You hear the back door swinging, same old record singing
feels like time is slowing down
And all these useless memories feel so warm and friendly
when they keep on coming ’round

Does your key unlock the door?
Like it did all those years when your foot steps kissed this floor
Do your fingers know the chords to every song you wrote here?
is that what you come back for?
Or did you just forget you don’t live here anymore

When you close your eyes it’s all true
all those little names he called you
how he held you when you cried
and now you’ve found some happiness
but you treat it like a guest
waiting on fate to change it’s mind

Like a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to where you come from
yesterday will have it’s charms
but when evening’s falling
a lonely shadow’s calling
to take you from your baby’s arms



Piece of Heaven

Once I had a love I took for granted
thought that I could trade him for a song
now he’s gone and I’m alone I finally understand it,
he’s the one was leaving all along
So I thank God for all his lesser angels
here beside me in this bar tonight
cause flannel shirts and blue jeans
and the promises of strangers
make for a less blinding shade of white

once I had a little piece of heaven
all I’m trying to do is get it back
I’ve been saving up my pennies
and counting my blessings
who could ever blame me for that?

I never thought that love was worth the fight
now I’m pulling my punches
making up for lost time
The sun has set but I ain’t through with trying
I’m walking the straight and narrow
keeping under the street lights



Let’s Get Drunk

Sure I’ve heard the rumors, I know you’ve been hurt before
and I understand you don’t want girls like me hanging ’round your door
but I don’t believe the song you’re singing
when you’re telling me you’re all done with love
Baby we’re already drinking, so we might as well get drunk

It’s the truth I’ve been accused of running round and picking fights
I’ve had some growing up to do but I think I’m ready to play nice
and if the ship is really sinking
what’s the use in waiting til it’s sunk?
Baby we’re already drinking, so we might as well get drunk

Everybody’s gonna pick their poison
we’ve all got something we could lose
and if I’m gonna live with my choices I expect that I’ll regret at least a few
So while the barroom floor is spinning
beneath the neon lights above
Baby we’re already drinking, so let’s get drunk

I wanna feel your arms around me I want your kisses on my neck
and I don’t care much if tomorrow finds me wishing I was dead
my ears are already ringing
the smoke’s already filled my lungs
and Baby we’re already drinking so we might as well get drunk



500 Pieces

I’ve seen you down on Polk street
talking trash and high on speed
they say you used to know how to bump and grind
now you’ve got too much on your mind
Like 500 pieces of your heart
500 arrows missed their mark

It took four strong men to take you
took the whole damn world to break you
now you’re living in an old hotel
cable TV and a patchwork quilt and there’s 500 pieces of your mind
500 loves you left behind

Traveler of time and space
Oh, you’re such a pretty face
and it’s a shame your mother never knew
Cause Baby it ain’t hard to see
in the warm glow of the TV screen
you’re more than the mess they made of you

You’re trying to collect the pieces of
all the people that you like and love
maybe it ain’t too late
your little brother can still be saved from
500 pieces of your heart
500 arrows missed their mark




I take it easy, but I like you coming around
so stop in and see me when you’re on my side of town
I’ll wear a smile on my face
but when I see you walking away
Baby, I ache

I can’t seem to tell you but I want this feeling to last
as warm as the sunshine, as long as the shadows we cast
I’d never ask you to stay
Pride won’t allow it but all of the same
I ache
Baby, I break

When you’re near me, my heart starts racing
I can’t think clearly
my knees are shaking
when you bring a hand to my face
when you hold me and whisper my name
Baby, I ache


Barmaid’s Blues

That’s alright Joe, don’t you cry no
let me pour you another glass of beer
sure the bar’s closed, but by now you oughta know
if you’ve got nowhere to go you can stay here

and we can talk about the better days when you always had a card to play
and the piano and the poker games, they carried us away
that outlaw Jesse James
he was known to keep a spare ace
and he shot this place full of holes but he sure could tell a joke

Now all of the gunslingers got rings on their fingers
and they got the barroom girls home ironing their shirts
and I’ve got a feeling like I’m waiting on the last train home
it’s been a little slow
but it’s coming I know

Do you remember that oil man?
I probably should have married him
he always had an honest dime to spend
but he couldn’t dance
and I was never one to compromise
I’ve always been the stubborn kind
so when he rode out of town, I just laughed

and how the whiskey burned
and how the men did flirt
like the ponies tied outside
pawing at the dirt
I broke the years down, I turned ’em into days
and one by one I danced ’em all away


Now I serve’ em what they ask for
they got the money I’ll give something more
it still says welcome on the front door
we keep that old piano tuned
but when it’s time to close
it’s just you and me Joe
and the ghost of something great here in this room



Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

Well I heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the Lord
But you don’t really care for music, do you?
Well it goes like this: the fourth, the fifth
The minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah


Your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you
She tied you to her kitchen chair
She broke your throne and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah


Baby I’ve been here before
I’ve seen this room and I’ve walked this floor (you know)
I used to live alone before I knew you
And I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
And love is not a victory march
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah


There was a time when you let me know
What’s really going on below
But now you never show that to me, do you?
But remember when I moved in you
And the holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah


Maybe there’s a God above
All I’ve ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you
And it’s not a cry that you hear at night
It’s not somebody who’s seen the light
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah




I don’t have to be the only one you dream about, the one that you can’t live without.
I just wanna make you smile.
So don’t go calling me the angel on your doorstep.
Cause I fell just like all the rest.
I was too broke down to fly.

But I’ve got a quarter for the jukebox.
Honey, I’m going dancing, you coming or not?
Take a chance on me Daddy, this may be all we got.
The night be black and the road may be long.
Your voice may crack and it all sounds wrong.
It’s only a song, so for heaven’s sake won’t you sing along?

Now taste those tears. It seems your luck has all been shot.
And you’ve got nothing less to promise God.
He’s tired of listening anyhow.
But I’m still here, and I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone just to see me twice, the way you’re looking at me now.


No use asking why. Some birds just ain’t built to fly. But sooner or later we all have to try



All You Ever

Look at you, you’re like a pony with a broken leg.
You’re only scared cause you can’t run away, and you know what’s coming next.
And now, they’ve got you thinking you ain’t good enough.
It’s looking like they’ve finally called your bluff.
But you ain’t been playing with a full deck.

And now it’s just the same damn thing you fail like you’ve been practicing.
Everything you ever tried to be was just a fantasy.
King of all the hypocrites, every day the same old shit, well ain’t you getting sick of it.
All you ever needed was someone to tell you you were right.
And even if you never were, would it kill ‘em just the one time?
And all you ever wanted was to put off some of your own light.
Well they can lead you to the darkness, but you don’t have to go quiet.

There you are, singing Desperado in the car at night.
And you feel so sorry for yourself it just ain’t right, so you have a little cry.
There you are, with everybody looking up at you.
So tell me what the heck you’re gonna do.
Cause if you jumped you’d probably fly.

But now you’re the one they’re praying for, sleeping on the kitchen floor, you hear the clock ticking, and your blood is getting thicker. You’re the King of all the hypocrites and every day the same old shit. Ain’t you getting sick of it?


Me Oh My

I had a baby but the good lord took her.
She was an angel but her wings were crooked.
I guess he figured he could love her better than me.
Now preacher’s talking ‘bout the bed I made.
He says I’m too old to be chasing trains.
He says I’ve got to lay it down and let it be.

Some girls marry and some girls wait.
Some girls worry ‘bout judgement day.
Some do better without that ball and chain…singing…
Oh me, Oh my tell me it gets easier with time.
I ain’t ready to forgive you yet.
A few more years maybe I’ll forget.
At the end of the line it’s gonna look the same I guess.

Ain’t you worried ‘bout what they say.
With the way you drink and the brows you raise.
You can bet they wonder how the bills get paid, when you dance all night and you sleep all day.
And ain’t you scared without a man around, with all of the liquor running through this town?
Girl when you gonna settle down, and make your mama proud?


Oh no, not now. I tried to love you but I don’t know how.
They say the good times go too fast.
I’m just trying to make some last.
Sure as flesh moves over bone, some day somebody’s got to call you home.


Edge of the Frame

You take the cake and I’ll clean up the party plates.
It’s your claim to fame, you make a fortune on a leap of faith.
And you make a scene, you get your picture in a magazine.

Drinkin’ for free, you leave me fillin up on bad gasoline.
I don’t wanna ask you again.
Why you make a beggar out of your best friend.
You pull me in and you push me away, ’til I’m standing on the edge, standing on the edge of the frame.

Oh heaven knows, you love to dress me up in ribbons and bows.
Then it’s off you go. You leave me feeling like a little girl in Mama’s cloths.


You say you love me and you ain’t no quitter.
But you don’t, you won’t, oh you don’t deliver.
I’m not lookin’ for apologies.
You say you’re sorry but you never mean it.
Don’t make me ask you again. ‘cause you’ll take anything you think you can.
And leave me only with myself to blame, standin’ on the edge, standin’ on the edge of the frame.


Ain’t it the Truth

I go to get myself a coffee and everybody stares at me.
They shake their heads like they’re so sorry.
They know you treat me awful mean.
And they all think that I’m crazy for sticking by your side.
’cause they’ve all seen your other lady and they guess I’ve got no pride, and they say…
I’d have to be a fool to love you like I do.
Well Baby, ain’t it the truth.

When the mailman brings the letters he tries to talk some sense to me.
Says “Honey, you could do much better, you still got peaches in your tree”.
Now Mister Mailman he’s a good man.
Yeah he’s a real good friend of mine.
And he knows all about your rambling, and I know that he ain’t lyin’ when he says…


I tell myself over and over I should be getting out of here.
Go home and find myself a good boy who won’t be laughing at my tears.
But I find leaving ain’t so easy, although it hurts me so to stay.
So listen Honey and believe me, cause this is all I got to say…
Anyone would have to be a fool to love you like I do. Well Baby, ain’t it the truth.


Hearts of Men

He was forty-six with the wife and the kids and the job with the suit and the tie.
He had a whole bunch of dreams that he’d had to let go, could never remember why.
He said “I’d rather be smokin’ at some truck stop diner, half way down the road to hell.
’cause I gave up my soul so long ago, it’s really just as well.

Oh but I, I wanna be your child again.
I wanna remember when everything was new.
And damn this pride that lives inside the hearts of men.
I wanna be whole again. I wanna be alright”
He says “she knows that I love her, and if it were summer, my heart wouldn’t be so cold.
I wouldn’t feel so mean, I wouldn’t feel so old.
But she kisses me goodbye and she won’t meet my eye, like I might never see her again.
And it’s been so long since I’ve even asked why, but we used to be such good friends.
Oh and I


Have you ever been driving late at night, with the diamonds and the rubies and the city lights, and the world’s so big, but you’re safe inside?




I passed a truck filled with old street signs, it seemed like one of them was mine, a long long time ago, before I knew you Caroline. Now the bus is leaving, wish I could stay. But it’s just easier this way.
So come on give me a smile now, and think of all the trouble that we’ll save.

Oh Carolina, oh Carolina.
You know I love you in my way.
But please don’t try to save me.
I’m headed for the interstate.
Fall is coming, ain’t you cold?
Ain’t you scared of growing old?
Me, I’m burning like the dead leaves.
For something that I’m sure I’ve never known.


Texas ’81

We sat out on the front steps and shared a cigarette.
That was Texas, ’81, we were young but starting to forget.
We watched the neighbors go to bed.
They fed the dog and shut the lights, and we were on our own again.

We both knew that you’d be leaving before the kids woke up for school.
You’d never been the kind for keeping, I’d never been nobody’s fool.
But as the sun began to rise.
We were running out of shadows to hide ourselves behind.

Don’t let go yet.
Would you love me one more time, before we raise the blinds and make the bed?
My little train wreck.
Your eyes are smiling but your cheeks are wet.

We fell asleep just like we used to, legs all tangled in the sheets.
I know you dreamed that bus to Houston, heard you talking in your sleep.
I would have held you all day long.
But when I opened up my eyes you were already gone.



Little Bird

The time has come to bring it home. ’cause night will fall, even if I’m alone.
I’ve always known I can’t make you mine.
But on your own little one, you will surely die if you won’t have me by your side.
I’ll leave you to your pride

Little bird with a broken wing.
Just to hear you sing I’d give anything.
So what do you say?

Honey, will you stay, now that you can’t fly away?
I watch the dust dance across the floor.
It used to be so easy to ignore the sun has set, but the sun will rise.
And by it’s light I’ll see the terror in your eyes.
What can I do? It was all for you, it was all for you



Not That Simple

Don’t feed me all your lines, I know you’d rather be with her.
It’s a thin disguise, Lord knows I’m not the first to fall for what I couldn’t have.
But it just hurts, that’s all, it hurts so bad.

And it’s not that simple, it’s not that simple.
I’ll never be the love of your life. It’s not that simple, never gonna be simple.
Another one has already wrung all of the tear drops from your eyes.
Still every time you smile I think that everything is gonna be just fine.
And I’m so worn out from wanting all the time.
I know, I got no fight. ‘cause he’s a good man and he loves me, and it’s not right.

But it’s not that simple. No it’s not that simple.
He’ll never be the love of my life. It’s not that simple.
Never gonna be simple.
Look what you’ve done, you’ve already wrung all of the tear drops from my eyes.


Wedding Song

When you found me I was broken clear in two.
My heart was split wide open, tired of hoping, tired of playing the fool.
But you did what I thought nobody could do.
You pieced me back together, kissed the hurtin’ parts, and made me new.

Now you ask for nothing more than to be by my side.
And when you say it like you say it, Love, your smile makes it easy to oblige.
I know I’ve never been the lucky kind.
But when you’re with me Honey it’s like money, like I’m throwing loaded dice.

And when I think of all the messes I’ve been in.
All the hurting and the flirting that I thought would never end.
I’ve seen hard times and all that matters now is I’d do it, yeah I’d do it all again, if you were holding my hand.
If you were holding my hand.

So let’s go to Rome, let’s go to Paris, let’s go dancing let’s go fishing I don’t care.
Because there’s only just one place that I call home and it’s my home because you’re there.
Oh my darling, oh my darling you’re so sweet you know it really just ain’t fair.
You’re my tee shirt, you’re my blue jeans, you’re a cold beer, you’re my favorite easy chair.



I’ll Be Loving You

Oh Brother can we please go back?
I miss the river and the railroad track.
I gotta know if it all still means what I thought it did when I was seventeen.

I’m going broke just from paying my dues. Was born a winner now I live to lose.
And every day is up and down, like the price of gasoline.
And I’ve still got some hell to pay.
But it can’t always be this way.

Someday we’re gonna laugh about it, see our troubles in a different light.
I know you’re hurting now, but soon it’s gonna be, oh I know it’s gonna be alright.
Lean on my shoulder ’til your legs grow strong.
Let me sing it for you ’til you learn the song.
Someday you’re gonna love yourself but until you do, I’ll be lovin’ you.

I say I’m sorry just a little at a time.
Cross three states before I’ll crack a smile.
And go limping home to Caroline, where the rain will fall and the sun will shine.
Nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong, sooner or later we all stay too long.
Turn up the music and the lights come on, and it’s time to fly.
And there may be some hell to pay, but it can’t always be this way.


Nobody else can tell you what it takes.
Yeah you’re gonna make your own mistakes.
It’s up to you which kind you make.
You put your heart on a shelf or you let it break.




The rain came down with the thunder and the lightning.
I thought we’d drown in the car where we were fighting.
I can’t remember but it was something about money.
I swore I would do better and you said you couldn’t trust me.

I’m tired of the truth.
I’m tired of pretending.
I’m tired of smiling when my world is quietly ending.
You’re always alone, it’ll get so you don’t mind it.
But you open up your eyes for love, guess you’re gonna find it.

You know I’ve got the mind of a junkie.
But you’ve got the heart of a child.
And there are days when I’m just lucky that you love me.
’cause there are times when I’ve got nothing left inside.

I do believe that we will pay for our mistakes.
If you drive too fast it’s gonna hurt to hit the brakes.
I wish I didn’t need you cause it’s easier alone.
But the songs we sing together are the ones that bring me home.



A Life for You

You take the money, I’ll take the fall.
You make a run for it I’ll hold ‘em off.
I’ll tell ‘em all, last time I saw you, you were a bird.

So give me a kiss, give me a smile, guess this is it before the final bullets sing.
I wanna see you spread your wings.

Cause I’ve been dreaming of a life for you, where everything goes right for you.
I’ve even dreamed a wife for you, to love you like I couldn’t do.

You know I’m sorry I couldn’t say all of the things that would make it OK.
This is a game I never learned to play.

So give me a kiss, give me a smile.
You’re not the reason I can’t meet your eye.
Before the final bullets fly, take to the sky.



All the boys on the corner, standin’ round say there goes Penny in her ’88 Royale
What’s she doing now?
She’s the queen of their hearts she’s the talk of the town
She’s got rattlesnake boots, don’t let nothing slow her down
Or turn her around

Oh, Penny don’t let no one turn her down

She don’t sugarcoat it, she don’t tell lies she gets what she wants, all she’s gotta do is smile
and they all stand in line
She turns the fools into saints and the saints into fools she can shoot her whiskey
plays a real mean game of pool
All the boys get schooled

Oh Penny, they all wanna lose to you

She ain’t pretty but she’s got what it takes
Her eyes don’t water, her heart don’t break

Sister don’t like her, calls her a tramp but she’s just jealous cause she can’t get what Penny can
And she don’t understand

Don’t want money, I don’t want love just wanna be like Penny when I grow up

She’s just like the birds on the telephone wire if she don’t like it all she’s gotta do is fly
and she don’t say why

Oh, Penny, what’s it like to be so justified?


Mama don’t like her, calls her a tramp
but she’s just worried cause she can’t see what I can
and she don’t understand
I don’t want money I don’t want love, just wanna be like Penny when I grow up
smoke Pall Malls and talk real tough
drink white liquor and never get drunk
be just like her when I grow up


Somewhere Between

Looks like another early night in Carolina
I’ve got a movie, black and white and a bottle of red wine
if I answered, if you called me, I would say I’m doing fine
and I’d like to think we’d both know I was lying

Cause when I close my eyes I’m sitting there in Brooklyn
spilling hot soup on the tiles of my brother’s kitchen floor
if I find myself tonight I swear it’s not cause I was looking
if I haven’t shown up yet, what am I good for?

But somewhere between Michigan and Texas
I do believe that I’ll be new again
no matter where I go I feel my fickle heart forgetting
and she’d make a home of anyplace I’ve been
I bought myself a brand new pair of blue jeans

cause I’m tired of being righteous, playing every game for keeps
but most of all I’m tired of riding shotgun in my dreams
and I just want something simple, something clean

Cause somewhere between Delaware and Georgia
I made trouble, and I learned to call it a friend
now I’m promised, but I promise if you’d just lend me a quarter
I would call you up and call you home again


Getting Good At Waiting

It’s a new day all around and there are flowers where the rain came down
when I wake up I remember what I like about this town
I take my coffee on the back porch
I take the plastic off the windows and the front doors
and Winter’s arms begin to melt, they can’t hold me anymore

‘Cause you just can’t stop the sun
and when the time is right the night will come
a storm rolls in and turns the sky to black
but I’m getting good at waiting on the clouds to pass

I take some time to count my blessings a car that drives and some hand me down dresses
and I thank my stars that I’m alive ’cause you know some days I forget


I’m still a little rusty when I smile, but my bleedin’ heart’s bled dry
there’s nothing left to do but feel alright
So leave the window open wide the air is so alive tonight
even the city noise outside is sounding like an angel choir


When Bitter Met Sweet

Did he ask about me?
Did he ask if I’ve been writing?
And did you tell him we’ve been fighting, did he say that that’s too bad?
But could you see it in his eyes
he still holds a candle for me
I know you think I’ve gotten boring
But I could always make him laugh

I don’t know the answer
I didn’t even hear the question Y
ou see I ain’t been paying attention
I was thinking ’bout the way it used to be

When all our bills were paid and you’d say Honey, let’s sleep late
and we’d laugh at all the cars out in the street
and we drank too much, but we were so in love
Let’s not forget just how it went when Bitter Met Sweet

I don’t know why I keep rewinding
When the movie always ends the same
Bogie always puts her on a plane and Rhett don’t give a damn
I hope it’s good love that you’re finding and I know I can’t blame you
I bit the apple too, caught the sinner’s blues but Baby, it was pure


Mother’s Favorite Son

Looks like your game, but you’re not laughing
well Honey, that’s why it’s called cheating
just take a look at who you’re playing with
and take a look at who you’re beating

I know you don’t like to admit it
but you don’t know what you do it for
he used to be some kind of hero down at Lena’s
now he don’t go there anymore

Look at what you’ve done
well I guess you’re not so kind as he’s been telling everyone
Just look at what you’ve done to his mother’s favorite son

Now you pretend like you don’t know him when you see him on the street
and I guess you really showed him ’cause he smokes three packs a day and he don’t sleep, and he don’t eat



Little One I know
I was blind to let you go
but after all I’m just another, not a saint
I got tired of trying
and Baby it’s just not your time but I hope that you’ll come back to me someday

Oh Josephine, take pity on me there’s sleep in my eyes,  I’m dead on my feet
Oh please believe, I’ve given all that I can give Josephine, take pity on me

When a dream comes true, suddenly you’ve got something to lose
worried blues and debts to pay so you drink hard liquor,
try to make your skin grow thicker but you’re praying to be broken every day


When I close my eyes to sleep I see your smiling face
and every time you leave, it gets harder to stay it gets harder to keep turning you away to keep turning you away


All I Got

Well I couldn’t sleep in the summer heat
so I went for a drive and I wound up in some diner down a ways on 25
pretended that I did not live here, that I was just a stranger passing through
just another face with out of state plates and a smokey old motel room

‘Cause it’s a shame to regret what you have not done,
to know that you had no good reason to run
still there ain’t no shame in being young
and you’ll learn to love what you can’t escape
like the wax on top of the birthday cake
and the way that leaving always makes you wanna stay

So if I gave a little, would you give a little?
Or would you take all that I got?
If you had a little, would you save a little piece?
I don’t need an awful lot

Every night when I lay me down to bed
I pray to the lord not to strike me dead
before I get back to those ones I don’t want to forget

‘Cause I don’t have the patience for anyone new
it’s the worn out places where the light shines through
and if I’m gonna be lonely, I’d rather be lonely with you


For Eleanora

You were the darling of the back ally bars and the one night stands
the sweetheart of Harlem, and they’d all gather ’round just to hear you again

Playing midtown Manhattan, you still got’um all in the palm of your hand
white gardenias and satin but you’re still hanging around with the boys in the band

Whatcha drinking, Eleanora?
Got your eye on the top shelf?
Hell, I’ll do what I can for ya but you should learn to help yourself…

Now they’re sick of your drama so you’re working for your ticket home
and you just miss your mama yeah, you just want someone you can call your own
What you need is a good man, someone to take care of you
’cause you don’t give a goddamn no, you earned what you got now it’s yours to lose

Where’d you get that shiner, Eleanora?
Is he hitting you again?
don’t you know everyone adores you, can’t you find a better man?

They took all your money your jewelry and your fancy cloths
and they called you a junkie, came just to hear you miss a note


Fancy Car

What a fancy car you ride in when you go
when you go winding down the mountain nice and slow

So shoot your whiskey straight and drink your coffee black
’cause you know Baby when you go, you ain’t ever coming back

When I was a young girl my daddy said to me
he said “listen to me Sugar, you let those bad men be”
Oh but me and all those bad men,we get along so swimmingly

so shoot your whiskey straight and drink your coffee black
’cause you know Baby when you go, you ain’t ever coming back

A girl could cause some trouble in this town and once you get me going you ain’t gonna slow me down…


Not Over Yet

I used to be a little girl in the back seat of the car, wearing hand me down tee shirts
Stan Rogers on the tape deck, and I knew all the words
Every day we fought the good fight and every day was glory
and sure enough the sun would come and rise up every morning
and everything I ever knew I learned from bedtime stories

I used to miss you all the time now mostly I just miss when it was all so cut and dryly-di-die
So don’t be afraid to ask me to stay that’s OK,
go on and light another cigarette it might be ending but it’s not over yet

I never felt so fearless as I did today
when the rain clouds started lifting and the southern sky was pink and grey
I stood outside and shivered until they took it all away

When you go all that you’ll leave me is your laugh
and a postcard from somewhere across the tracks
if you go underground I know you ain’t coming back

So don’t be afraid to ask me to stay that’s OK,
go ahead and light another cigarette
it might be ending it might be ending it might be over but let’s not go home yet


Better Woman

I always lose the same old bet,
say I’m through but I forget
and I smoke the same old cigarettes
cause they haven’t killed me yet

the same old selfish tears I cry,
same old pack of lies,
gettin’ good at my goodbyes,
now I don’t even have to try

and I’ll admit when I’ve been wrong
but that’s the same damn song I’ve been singing all along
Now I’ve let you down again
Just the way it’s always been
same old iron I can’t bend
since I can’t remember when

Different glass, the same old wine
same old trouble on my mind,
keeps me lonesome all the time

And it’s the same wind blowin’ at my back
makes it tough to keep on track
Every time we play you deal the same old card
I’m trying to be a better woman, trying to be a better woman
I’m trying to be a better woman but you make it so damn hard.

It’s the same old place it always hurts
same old smile, same old flirt
and I always say it could be worse
but that’s the same old pile of dirt

all my sins I would confess
and put on my Sunday best
but that’s the same old party dress,
and I still make the same old mess
same old me, just having fun
but when all is said and done
it seems I always burn my tongue




I’ve lied so many times, said things just to make ’em smile
I’d do anything to find a rhyme
Tired of winning every fight, always trying to be right
and still sleeping alone every night

I wanna be your automatic Honey, turn me on
We’ll never know how good we had it
until it’s gone
I wanna be your favorite record the top of the stack
I promise I can make it better don’t put me back, don’t put me back

The sky was battle grey the trees were barren and afraid
I had half a mind to let you go
but I was a child, and you were a wild thing
and there was just so much I had to know

I wanna be your automatic Honey, turn me on
we’ll never know how good we had it until it’s gone
I wanna be your favorite record Baby, spin me round
I promise I can make it better don’t put me down, don’t put me down



Last night I dreamed that we were back
down by the railroad tracks, smoking Marlboro cigarettes
we threw our shoes into the river
and our mothers called each other, they were wonderin’ where the kids were
cause they woke up and we were gone, running down the parkway singing some old gypsy song

Good night Irene, good night Irene
I swear this world ain’t as sad as the papers make it seem
and in the morning, we’ll all be fine
so if you’re scared darling, just put your little hand in mine

All the grown ups standing in the other room
they were talking about money and what’s happening on the news
but we were laughing about nothing
we were sitting in the kitchen drinking rum and eating dandelion soup
and it was true
we didn’t give a damn that we could fill an ocean with the things we never knew


I was sleeping in the back of the bar
with my head on Mama’s shoulder, and my Elvis playing cards
all the old men, they were smoking and drinking
the band was playing my daddy’s singing



We set out in late October, moving cross the frozen ground
and we could see it in the stars we knew that we were glory bound
we were looking for an answer, looking for a sign
and we were waiting on a savior come and ease our worried minds

Darling I swear it’s true
I will come back to you in Springtime when the lilies are in bloom
hush now and dry your eyes
you know I would not lie
I’m coming back to you when the lilies are in bloom

Now the general he says that it will not be very long
but the air is full of smoke and those damn redcoats coming on
I dream your kisses on my eyelids though it was so long ago
and the boys are in the fields, they’re dying all alone


Last night they came while we were sleeping,
Lord they did not make a sound
and I took a bullet to the breast, saw my blood spill on the ground
when the sun come I heard voices say this boy cannot be saved
so they bowed their heads in prayer and they dug a shallow grave

Darling I’ve been such a fool
to think that I’d be coming back to you
to make you wait for me, beneath the waning moon
Come now, stand by my side
pile the cool black stones where I lie
it’s Springtime and the lilies are in bloom

Tell our son not of my bravery,
but a soldier’s tale of woe for there’s no glory where I’ve fallen


Waitin’ in the Morning

He was waiting in the morning for to take you home
waiting in the morning for to take you home,
he was waiting in the morning for to take you home

and you won’t need a dollar in the place you’re going
no you won’t need a dollar in the place you’re going
you won’t even need a dollar in the place you’re going

It’s a long walk back
it’s a long walk back
it’a a long walk back to where I’m from

If I knew the secret I would tell you so
and I’d tell you all those things you ain’t supposed to know
if I knew the secret, I would tell you so
and if I could go with you I would hold your hand
and I’d keep you from the fire just the best I can
if I could go with you,
I would hold your hand



You’ve got no quarter for the carousel
so you sit around and listen to the barkers yell
and all the boys with whiskey goin’ straight to hell
change jingling in their pockets like the ringing of a bell

but you blink your eyes just one at a time
’cause you got no business on the wild side
you can’t beat the joker with a pair of fives
anyone that tells you different’s just feeding you lines

it’s this fire I’ve been breathing,
it’s gonna be the end of me
you can lead me to the water, tell Mama that her daughter’s been saved but if I fall just let me be

I’ve got a little fire, Lord I feel it burn
burning for the pretty little way things were
can’t help but fall in love with all the stories I’ve heard
when the truth was in the telling, all you needed was the word

So you wander on down the road a ways
to try to remember what the preacher said
to the skinny little girl with the pig tailed braids
said it so sweet, she swore she’d take it to her grave


Mr. Cody

Cody, oh Cody don’t take me away
quit your buying me roses, just let me be
surely another much more beautiful than me would love you madly

Cody, oh Cody I’ve seen what you do
seen the tramps and the outlaws how they answer to you
with three strings on your fiddle
thirteen stitches in your boots you ain’t my daddy
It’s trouble that you’re bringing and I’ve got no one to save me

Those church bells are ringing, Lord,
but I’m just a baby you say you laid down your money
and you made up your mind,
but no mean hearted gambler’s gonna be a sweetheart of mine
Oh Mr Cody, won’t you choose another for your bride?

I hear you waiting outside in your red Chevrolet
just the sound of that engine makes me so afraid
I say the price of that ticket is more than I can pay
but you don’t listen


On My Mind

There was a time when,
there was a time when I did not know you
seems I was a child then,
waiting for a little light to show

through the tattooed angel on my chest is fading
and I’m still waiting,
with these ribbons in my hair
well Baby, that don’t hardly seem fair

The glass is empty now
and there’s nothing waiting for me at the bottom
I always thought that I might like to sing the blues
until I got’em and I know

I’ve been dreaming when I wake up in that easy chair
and you’re not there
now Baby, that don’t hardly seem fair

All I got is time, and you on my mind
you’re on my mind you’re on my mind

I think I got lost Dear,
between the drip in the sink and the crack in the ceiling
I guess I’ll just stay here
’til we all wash away and the paint starts peeling
Cause all I wanna hear you say is you’re on your way,
but I don’t know where Baby,
that don’t hardly seem fair



The winter is gone and it’s getting warm
and you’re in my arms but you’re staring at the door
it’s that look I’ve seen before

but after all you took, I just can’t hold you anymore
from the dream you’re chasing
and that’s all he is you couldn’t face him
and you’d never, never be his
still he makes you feel like you’re so free
well someday you’ll be lonely just like me

Put on your traveling shoes Marie
cause there ain’t a man in this whole world that could give you what you need
but Marie, don’t let ’em say I didn’t try we both knew
you’d go to the devil by and by

You left your beer sitting on the table like you left me here,
now I’m just peeling back the label
cause it’s late and the clock ticks slow
you know I hate, I hate to let you go


In The Money

When my baby’s in the money, treats me right
when my baby’s in the money treats me right
when my baby’s in the money
we’ll be drinking milk and honey
when my baby’s in the money, treats me right

Now when he’s broke he treats me awful mean
when he’s broke he treats me awful mean
when he’s broke we get to fighting
and we stay up half the night
and when my baby’s broke he treats me awful mean

He said he’d show me things I’d never seen
he said he’d show me things I’d never seen
but we’re sitting here in Texas eating cold Chinese for breakfast
and I’m thinking that my baby lied to me

I know I oughta up and run away
I know I oughta up and run away
but I won’t get very far because my baby crashed the car
and so it’s right here in his arms I’m gonna stay

so Grave digger, dig us two holes side by side
I said Grave digger, dig us two holes side by side
dig us two holes side by side
but when my baby dies
don’t go waitin’ up for me it’s not my time


Sawdust Girl

Hold you, softer than cedar I told you,
there when you need her I’m always, always your sawdust girl

and I’ll be sweeter than rosewood you’ll see,
I’ll love you like I shouldI’m so good at being your sawdust girl

There’ll be red wine and rhinestones so pretty aglow
with the lights of the city sanded and polished so fine
but Baby, don’t you forget that you made me
you carved me from walnut and cherry
and gave me this old heart of pine

you’ll find that maybe the rain
it’ll sometimes make me fickle as maple
but don’t mind I’m still your sawdust girl


The Boneyard

Drink it up the rotting apples and the burning leaves
the day is over, roll down your sleeves
you know you’ll miss it when you’re gone
and it’s enough to have something to hold onto
hell it’s more than fair
and winter’s coming but you just don’t care
cause you know now it won’t be long

Oh, I remember laying in that boneyard
listening to the crickets and the passing cars
headlights flashing on the broken stones it was us,
and all those fallen soldiers layin’ down below
but they were dead and buried a long time ago
with all their mamas’ tear drops and I told you sos

Now it’s the life getting all gussied up in Grandma’s dresses
and eating Lucky Charms for breakfast
playing poker all day long outside,
they’re saving dollars just to buy more time
but we’ve got a pot of coffee and the joker’s wild
and we’ve got a tape of all our favorite songs


I told myself that I was really never coming back
this time and I drove that station wagon ’bout a hundred miles
bought a souvenir and turned around it’s just as well,
cause the rain was falling faster than these broken wipers sway
something always told me it would be this way
I never thought it would be now



Angeline, Angeline
your heart is like a diamond mine
nobody’s gonna see you shine
until you leave that man behind
I know you think you need his love
but that’s not what you’re wanting of
and crawling’s only good enough
until you learn how to stand up

Oh Angeline, I know you’re doubting
and you’re looking for a way to get around it
but the arms that carried you are tired
and you’re gonna fall if you don’t fly

So paint the walls of this old house
let the sun shine in, let the bad times out
everything you dreamed about
is gonna come so easy now
take a look at all you have,
the little scar on your right hand
you got your daddy’s eyes and your mama’s laugh
and you could do much worse than that




When you look at the old photographs
you can see the fear in his eyes
cause he knows he don’t deserve her
even though he’d never hurt her it won’t last
she’s still thinking ’bout the joker
that ran away and left her with this poker face
and the picture’s faded grey like so many lonely days with all the good times past

now she’s driving backwards
back through fireflies and ashes
she’s so close to what she’s after
it gets caught in her eye lashes

and there’s an old song playing on the radio
it’s playing soft and low
takes her memory where it wants to go
it took 18 years of drinking, thinking
Baby is this really how it ought to be?
Somehow this feeling just gets lost on me
can’t you see I’m dying for this fever dream?

She’s tired of writing unsent letters
saying, Sundays ain’t so bad anymore
and it’s only every now and then I wonder what the hell I’m waiting for
and every winter turns to Spring
and he knows she’d still give anything to be sitting on her darling’s knee
knowing he was hers to keep

now she’s driving backwards…

and there’s an old song playing on the radio
it’s playing soft and low
takes her memory where it wants to go
it took 18 years of wanting him, a full moon and an old blue Cadillac
to bring her back, to bring her back


Barefoot Waltz

The lamplight is low, the tiles are cold on my feet
a train whistle blows, a car passes by in the street
and I’ll let you lead
take my hand to your shoulder
hold onto me, it’s almost October
and the only thing I want to do
is dance in my bare feet with you

Maybe I’m lonely and maybe it’s wrong
but I feel so beautiful here in your arms
it’s late and I’m tired of playing the fool but you ask me one dance
and I can’t refuse it it’s true
I love waltzing in bare feet with you

The clock ticks the rhythm, the fridge hums along
hush Darling, now listen, they’re playing our song
the moon shines his lonely light over the city
but here in the kitchen it’s warm and it’s pretty and blue
and it’s a quarter past two
and I’m waltzing in bare feet with you


Rainier’s Lullabye

Close your eyes, there’ll be another night
to sit on Daddy’s knee and swear that you’re not tired
Go to sleep now Baby, we’ll be right here waiting
to love you when the sun comes turning on the light

and hear the water running through the pipes
the whispers in the kitchen
the dishes washed and dried
the neighbor’s radio is humming lullabies
and the crickets in the window keeping time

and you should know that dreams come true
there’s a star up there that’s shining just for you
this old world can be unfair and make you blue
but in the morning we are new


Beside Me

We can’t go back again
to the clearing by the river’s edge
a love we knew before the summer’s end
it was yours and mine

when the whole world it seemed
was just a story that you read to me
a cup of coffee and a memory
of a different time

now there’s a melody
it’s kinda quiet but it sings to me
I think a hear a little harmony
but I don’t dare

and you when the road gets rough are you beside me?
when it’s not like I planned is that your hand that’s reaching out to guide me?

it’s still so strange to me
that we can’t talk about the things we see
the people walking down the street
and the empty chairs

now all we need’s a little morning light
play guitar while the bacon’s frying
to remind us of a better time
when our feet were bare

now won’t you look at me
one more time before you go to sleep
and when you’re far away and in a dream
maybe I’ll be there

and when the night grows dark I’ll be beside you
when it’s not like you planned reach for my hand
and I’ll be there to guide you

we can’t go back again
to the clearing by the river bend
a love we knew before the summer’s end
it was yours and mine


Dora Lee

Dora Dora, Dora Lee
she married that fool Justice, she would not wait for me
and when the good lord received her she was 23
it’s a hard road leads us home Dora Lee

Dora Dora, I once called you mine
but I did not see fit to marry on the back of one thin dime
you gave me your promise but you would not give me time
Dora you would not give me time

Oh Dora Lee
how could you ever be so mean?
How could you ever lie to me?
How could you dare to let me dream?
Why can’t you see,
I would have kept you like a queen?
I saved my silver up for weeks to buy you those glass beads
to wear around your pretty throat
May the good lord save your soul

Dora Dora, Dora Lee
they did not hear me coming, that Justice boy and she
and the devil cast his shadow beneath that apple tree
it’s a hard road leads us home Dora Lee


Now as I lay me down to sleep
I know I am a sinner, I shall not be received
but I swear I close my eyes and I hear her crying out to me
well let the innocent be saved Dora Lee

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